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Israel & the Palestinian Territories - Further reading

Further reading on Israel & the Palestinian Territories

  • Winner Takes All by Stephen Brook is getting a bit out of date but is still a great primer for a visit to Israel.
  • Jerusalem: City of Mirrors by Amos Elon is an illuminating and entertaining guide to the author's home town.
  • From Beirut to Jerusalem by Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman gives an excellent background to the strife still tearing apart this region.
  • Gaza: Legacy of an Occupation by Dick Doughty and Mohammed El-Aydi gives an emotive, gritty view of Palestenian life in the Strip.
  • Exodus by Leon Uris is a hugely popular, hugely fat novel with an Israeli theme, great for long bus rides.
  • The Bible - the classic travelogue to this part of the world.

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