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Israel & the Palestinian Territories - Activities

Israel & the Palestinian Territories Activities

Dolphins (family <i>Delpinidae</i>), Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Israel's changing landscapes make this a great country for hiking, whatever your fitness level. Good spots to try include the Maktesh Ramon crater in the Negev, Wadi Qelt in the West Bank and various trails in the Golan. It's worth visiting the SPNI (Society for Protection of Nature in Israel), for more information on hiking. If you'd rather sit on a horse than use your own feet, there are lots of riding centres in the Galilee, Golan and Tel Aviv areas. For swimming try Tel Aviv's beaches and Eilat (if you can bear the resort atmosphere), which is also good for windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing and diving. For an extraordinary diving experience, visit Caesarea, where you can dive the ruins of Herod's city.

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