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Further reading on Ionian Islands

  • Say the words 'Corfu' and 'literature', and the name Lawrence Durrell immediately springs to mind. His Prospero's Cell evocatively captures the time he spent on the magical island in the 1930s, and the Spirit of Place collection of writings includes the account of his return to Corfu after WWII.
  • To see where Lawrence is coming from, plunge into brother Gerald's My Family and Other Animals, which hilariously describes the Durrell family's chaotic and wonderful life on Corfu.
  • Henry Miller's Colossus of Maroussi includes a description of the author's sojourn with the Durrell family in Kalami on Corfu, and is a unique observation of the island, the islanders and the Durrells themselves.
  • When in the Ionians, and on Ithaki in particular, you'll be inundated with references to Homer and Ulysses, so why not take the time to impress your friends and read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. EV Rien's translations are considered among the best.
  • And of course on Kefallonia, if you're caught reading a copy of Louis de Bernières' Captain Corelli's Mandolin, you'll be considered w-a-y out of date. The fabulously popular novel tells the story of a young Italian army officer who is sent to the island during WWII.
  • When in the land of mythology, you might want to refresh your memory about who was related to/slaughtering whom in this incestuous, mixed-up world. Robert Graves' Greek Myths is an all-time classic, but Maureen O'Sullivan's Iconoclast's Guide to the Greek Gods is perhaps more entertaining and accessible.

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