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Hawaii - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Hawaii

Exploring the entrance to a lava cave, Maui Currency: US dollar ($)
  • Budget: 5-10
  • Mid-range: 10-20
  • High: 20 and upwards

  • Lodging
  • Budget: 25-50
  • Mid-range: 50-120
  • High: 120 and upwards

  • How much money you need for visiting Hawaii depends on your traveling style. Some people get by quite cheaply while others rack up huge balances on their credit cards. Airfare to Hawaii is usually one of the heftier parts of the budget. Fares vary greatly, particularly from the US mainland. Note that Hawaii stopovers are often thrown in for free, or for a nominal charge, on trips between North America and Asian or Pacific countries Another cost-cutter is to travel in the low season, generally from April to mid-December, when accommodation rates are often discounted by as much as 30%.

    It's quite possible to squeeze by on $25 a day if camping, hitchhiking or riding the bus and preparing your own meals. Private accommodation, a few prepared meals and a nip of nightlife will send costs skyrocketing toward closer to $100 per day. Luxury splurges mean the sky's the limit - cruiseshippers and other package tourists think nothing of dropping in excess of $500 a day here.

    As is true all across the USA, greenbacks (US dollars) are the only ducats that talk. Traveler's checks are best carried in US dollars, but other major currencies can be exchanged at larger banks and the international airport. Major credit cards are gladly accepted by most establishments catering to tourists, but smaller B&Bs and local restaurants often balk at the sight of plastic. ATMs are widespread.

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