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Guam - Off the beaten track

Cocos Island

About 3km (1.9mi) off Guam's southern tip, Cocos Island is surrounded by a vast barrier reef and blessed with good beaches and lagoons. While most of Cocos is privately owned, the west side of the island - a former US Coast Guard station area - is part of the territorial park system. To get to the park, called Dano, you must either hike over from the resort dock or commandeer a private boat. Picnicking and camping facilities are available. Boats go to Cocos from the town of Merizo several times a day.

Mt Jumullong Manglo & Mt Lamlam

Inland from Cetti Bay and topped with large wooden crosses is the 385m (1263ft) Mt Jumullong Manglo, or Humuyung Manglu, the final destination of cross-bearers during the Island's annual Good Friday procession. A more difficult and more obscure trail takes you 400m (1312ft) up to the top of Mt Lamlam, Guam's highest point. Lamlam means lightning, so it's probably best avoided during thunderstorms.

Pago Bay Vista Point

An unmarked viewpoint just past the town of Yona on Guam's central eastern coast lets you gaze out over the Pago River as it empties into the broad Pago Bay. There was once a Spanish village at the mouth of the river, but its inhabitants were wiped out in a smallpox epidemic in 1856. According to legend, a giant fish who wanted to cut the island in half at its narrowest point used to nibble away at the land here, but Guam was saved from bisection by a woman who wove her long hair into a net and scooped up the mischievous fish.

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