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Guam - Introduction

Introduction to Guam

Looking for tribal villages and an ancient culture untouched by the modern world? Don't come to Guam. This strategic US territory doesn't quite fit the 'Tropical Paradise' mold. Sure there's sun, sand and wilderness. But Guam - really - is all about the duty free shopping.

Full country name: Territory of Guam
Area: 541 sq km
Population: 150,000
People: 47% Chamorro, 25% Filipino, 10% Caucasian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and 18% other
Language: English, Chamorro
Religion: 98% Roman Catholic, 2% other
Government: Colonial
Head of State: Governor Felix Camacho
GDP: US$200 million
GDP per capita: US$20,000
Inflation: 4%
Major Industries: Petroleum products, tourism, construction materials, fish.
Major Trading Partners: USA, Japan

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