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Further reading on Guam

  • History of Micronesia, edited by Rodrigue Levesque, is a comprehensive two-volume tome covering the region from 1521 to 1595.
  • Micronesia: Winds of Change, edited by Francis X Hezel & ML Berg, is a colourful history taken from the accounts of early explorers, missionaries and others between 1521 and 1951. It has some wonderful old etchings and photos.
  • The American Touch in Micronesia, by David Nevin, looks at fumbling American colonialism and the effects of power, money and corruption in Micronesia. It is currently out of print.
  • Making Tracks in the Mariana Islands, by David Lotz, a Guam parks administrator, details hiking trails on Saipan, Tinian, Rota and Guam, with simple maps and write-ups.
  • The Diver's Guide to Guam & Micronesia, by Guam journalist Tim Rock, describes in detail 47 dives and snorkelling locations in Guam.

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