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Facts for the traveller for Guam

Visas: US citizens don't need a visa to visit Guam, or any other Micronesian islands. Anyone else (except Canadians and those travelling on a visa waiver) must obtain a US visa in advance. Under Guam's visa waiver programme, citizens of certain countries may enter Guam for up to 15 days for business or pleasure without a US visa. Those countries include Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Great Britain.
Health risks: Sunburn, Fungal Infestions
Time: GMT/UTC +10
Dialling Code: 671
Electricity: 120V
Weights & measures: Imperial

When to Go to Guam

Go to Guam whenever the boss gives you time off. The temperature hovers around a balmy 81°F (27°C) all year, so don't worry about the weather. If it's a little more humid between July and November, at least you're never far from a cooling dip in the ocean. The only time you should really avoid Guam is during Japanese holiday seasons: Christmas, Golden Week (the last week of April and the first week of May), and Obon, in August.

Guam Events

Guam's grandest holiday celebrations happen on July 21 - Liberation Day, when the entire population seems to hit the streets for a parade, followed by fireworks in the evening. Also in July is the island carnival at Y'pao Beach Park. From April all the way through to October the villages of southern Guam hold their yearly fiestas, which turn sleepy hollows into wild 'block parties', food and beer is on the house, and everybody's welcome. One of the best known of these is the three-day Malojloj Fiesta, starting May 16, in the historic town of Inarajan.

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