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Guam - Getting there & away, getting around

Guam - Getting there & away

About 6km (4mi) north-east of downtown Hagatña, the newly expanded Won Pat international airport serves six air carriers and provides more than 100 flights per week to Hawaii and the US mainland, East Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Apra Harbor is the only point of entry for Guam. Yachties should contact the Yacht Club at Apra Harbor.

Getting around Guam

The public transport system consists of small vans that crawl around the island in confusing patterns at irregular intervals. Taxis are willing and able enough, but be warned that drivers often overcharge. Renting a car is not a bad idea, but expect to pay dearly for the luxury. Bikes can be hired from hotels and shops in Tumon Bay. If you opt for walking you'll soon find that the entire population thinks you're an escaped lunatic.

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