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Facts for the traveller for Fort Lauderdale

Canals and boats

When to Go to Fort Lauderdale

To much of America's youth, Fort Lauderdale still revolves around Spring Break, which takes place every year for a week in late March or early April. While the town has managed to crack down on the intensity of Spring Break antics, party legends die hard and the faithful still arrive by the carload. If you love beer-soaked crowds of scantily clad young 'adults,' come to Fort Lauderdale for the week's festivities. For a calmer atmosphere, come any other time. Fort Lauderdale's climate is tropical, with an average year-round temperature of 77°F (25°C) and plenty of sunshine. August is the warmest month but also gets the heaviest rainfall. Winter temperatures don't drop much below 65°F (18°C), with January being the coolest month of the year.

Fort Lauderdale Events

Bikini contests, volleyball tournaments and drinking events abound during Spring Break, the annual college student pilgrimage to Fort Lauderdale that occurs each year in late March or early April. Locals take over partying duties in early May for the Cajun/Zydeco Crawfish Festival, a celebration marked by great Cajun seafood and the best of Louisiana music. The culturati will appreciate the city's International Film Festival in late October.

Public Holidays:
1 January - New Year's Day
Third Monday in January - Martin Luther King Jr Day
Third Monday in February - Presidents' Day
Late March or April - Easter
Last Monday in May - Memorial Day
4 July - Independence Day
First Monday in September - Labor Day
Second Monday in October - Columbus Day
11 November - Veterans' Day
Fourth Thursday in November - Thanksgiving
25 December - Christmas Day

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