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Faroe Islands - Introduction

Introduction to Faroe Islands

A natural arch at the northern tip of Nolsoy island

Shining like green stones on a grey backcloth, the 18 islands in the Faroes group are undeniably beautiful in a North Atlantic, buffeted-by-gales and tossed-by-sea kind of way. Despite their remote reputation, they aren't that far away if you're in Europe.

Full country name: The Faroe Islands
Area: 1,399 sq km
Population: 46,345
Capital City: Torshavn
People: Nordic and Danish
Language: Faroese, Danish
Religion: Evangelical-Lutheran 80%
Government: self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark
Head of Government: Prime Minister Anfinn Kallsberg
GDP: US$1 billion
GDP per capita: US$22,000
Annual Growth: 6%
Inflation: 2.8%
Major Industries: Construction, fishing, handicrafts, shipbuilding.
Major Trading Partners: Denmark, UK, Germany, France, Norway, USA
Member of EU: no

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