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Faroe Islands - Further reading

Further reading on Faroe Islands

  • A brief but excellent account of travelling in the Faroes is included in Lawrence Millman's North Atlantic Travelogue Last Places - A Journey in the North. Another light and positive account of life in the Faroes is The Atlantic Islands, by Kenneth Williamson, who was stationed there during WWII.
  • Faroe - the Emergence of a Nation, is the best and most thorough historical work on the islands.
  • Although it was written in Iceland, you may want to read the Faroese Saga, which outlines the settlement of the Faroes and the brave (and otherwise) deeds of the settlers.
  • The Faroes Venture, by Jeremy Lucas, is an anti-grindadráp novel, if you're interested in the Faroese pilot whale issue.
  • A few works of modern Faroese literature have been translated into English, and you can pick them up in bookshops in Tórshavn if you can't get them elsewhere. Most notable are the works of William Heinesen, with Neils Peter, Tower at the Edge of the World and The Black Cauldron, and Heðin Brú's The Old Man and His Sons.

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