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Faroe Islands - Getting there & away, getting around

Faroe Islands - Getting there & away

From April to September, Atlantic Airways flies to the Faroes from Aberdeen (Scotland) once or twice weekly, and from mid-June to mid-August it flies from Glasgow (Scotland) once a week. Another option is to fly with Maersk or Atlantic Airways from Copenhagen, from where both airines have year-round daily flights to Vágar.

You can take ferries between May and early September from Norway, Iceland and Denmark, and although it takes more time than flying and isn't particularly economical, it is still a pleasant way to get there.

Getting around Faroe Islands

The Faroese transport system is the equal of any other northern European country. Roads are surfaced and the difficult parts have been bypassed by tunnelling through mountains. The only inter-island travel by air in the Faroes is by helicopter, and it's a surprisingly cheap way to island hop. As flights are normally booked out, it's wise to reserve seats weeks in advance.

The Bygdaleiðir long-distance bus service is excellent. When combined with the ferry services, it links virtually every corner of the islands. The fares are steep and add up quickly if you're doing a lot of travel, but you can get a transport pass that gives reasonable discounts. Driving yourself around the islands is easy, but unless you're bringing your own car, hiring a vehicle is expensive. The highways are generally wide and well surfaced, making cycling a valid proposition if you're dressed to handle the elements.

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