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Faroe Islands - Activities

Faroe Islands Activities

View of the Eastern Harbour and detail of fishing boat, Torshavn

There are great places for hiking and trekking in the Faroes. Before the road system existed, a series of cairns marked the way across country for walkers, and many of the cairns survive throughout the islands today. As well as taking warm and waterproof clothing, trekkers should carry a compass and, if possible, topographic maps of the area. Just as importantly, stop walking as soon as fog appears. It can come and go suddenly and often becomes so thick that visibility is reduced to nil in minutes. Apart from becoming disorientated, there is a real danger on coastal routes along the steep cliffs; fences are intermittent and walkers have been known to walk right off the edge. Fishing is less restricted than in Iceland, and if you're trekking and camping in the highlands it may be a good idea to bring fishing tackle to help supplement your diet. Although it's not a diver's mecca, you can go diving, and shipwreck exploring and spearfishing are possible with a qualified instructor.

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