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Denmark - Getting there & away, getting around

Denmark - Getting there & away

The vast majority of overseas flights to Denmark arrive at Copenhagen International Airport. A few international flights, mostly coming from other Scandinavian countries or the UK, land at small regional airports in Århus, Aalborg, Esbjerg and Billund.

There are daily bus and rail services between Germany and Denmark's Jutland peninsula, which then wind their way east to Funen and then over a significant bridge to the island of Zealand and ultimately Copenhagen. The completion in July 2000 of the Øresundsforbindelsen (Øresund Fixed Link), a road-rail system stretching nearly 16km (13 mi) of bridges and tunnels between Malmo in southern Sweden and Copenhagen, has given the Danish capital a welcome (albeit artificial) land link with the rest of Scandinavia.

It's also possible to arrive from Norway and Sweden by ferry. Other boat options are the daily (high season) and weekly (berg bashing) ferries running from Germany (Kiel, Rostock, Puttgarden, Sassnitz-Mukran and the island of Sylt), Iceland (Seydisfjördur), Norway (Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen and Larvik), Sweden (Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Varberg and Malmö), Poland (Sáwinoujácie) and the UK (Harwich). There are no departure taxes when leaving Denmark.

Getting around Denmark

Domestic air travel is quite limited. The country is compact and the increasing efficiency of the rail system keeps local air travel to a minimum. There are, however, frequent flights between Copenhagen and a few more distant corners of Denmark.

Most places are serviced by regional buses, many of which are timed to connect with trains. Denmark has a good, reliable train system with reasonable fares and a frequent service. In Denmark you drive on the right-hand side of the road, seat belt use is mandatory and all drivers are required to carry a warning triangle. A web of bike paths link the country, so cycling is a practical way to get around Denmark, both within towns and also from town to town. Ferry networks link all of Denmark's populated islands, although the more adventurous might like to charter a yacht and mosey around at their leisure.

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