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Cyclades Islands - Activities

Cyclades Islands Activities

A man sitting outside a whitewashed house typical of the style found on Santorini Island

Most visitors to the Cyclades spend much of their time lying in the sun, beach-hopping and recovering from too much nightlife. For something a little more active, check out water sports such as windsurfing. Hsrysi Akti on Paros is one of the best spots in the country to learn the sport, and other prime locations include Ormos Korthiou on Andros, Kalafatis Beach on Mykonos, Agios Giorgios Beach on Naxos and Mylopotas Beach on Ios. If you want to try a little boating, yachts and sailboats can be chartered on Paros and Syros. Paros also offers excellent water-skiing. Snorkelling is enjoyable just about anywhere in the Cyclades - an especially good place is Monastiri on Paros. Diving is another story: to protect antiquities, any underwater activity involving breathing apparatus is forbidden, unless you're supervised by a diving school; you can find instruction in Mykonos, Santorini and Paros. For foot-on-the-ground activity, the Cyclades offer plenty of trekking opportunities, particularly on Naxos and Andros. On the smaller islands it's fun to explore and discover goat paths for yourself.

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