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Croatia - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Croatia

Small villages line the Croatian coast Currency: Croatian kuna
  • Budget: US$4-8
  • Mid-range: US$8-20
  • High: US$20+

  • Lodging
  • Budget: US$12-20
  • Mid-range: US$20-50
  • High: US$50+

  • The government deliberately overvalues the kuna to obtain cheap foreign currency. Hotel prices are quoted in euros and thus are fairly constant, though you actually pay in Croatian kuna calculated at the daily official rate. Budget accommodation is in short supply but transport, food, and concert and theatre tickets are reasonably priced. It's not that hard to travel around Croatia on US$35 a day if you stay in hostels or private rooms - even less if you camp. Double that if you want to travel in comfort and triple it if you want to indulge in a little luxury.

    There are numerous places to change money, all offering similar rates. Exchange offices charge commission but some banks do not. Banks are the only place you can change kuna back into hard currency. You can get a cash advance on your credit card at banks throughout the country, though Visa credit cards are not accepted by all banks.

    If you're served well at a restaurant, round up the bill unless a service charge has already been added. Bar bills and taxi fares should also be rounded up. Tour guides also expect to be tipped.

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