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Croatia - Introduction

Introduction to Croatia

Croatia's rugged coast is great for boating

With its sublime stretch of Adriatic coast, Croatia has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Despite the tragedy of war, its charms remain largely intact. Most of the tourist areas have been restored, but reminders of the country's painful history abound.

Full country name: Republic of Croatia
Area: 56,542 sq km
Population: 4.42 million
Capital City: Zagreb (pop: 777,000)
People: Croatian (78%), Serbian (12%), Slavic Muslim (Bosniac), Hungarian, Slovenian, Italian
Language: Croatian, Serbian, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian
Religion: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Islam
Government: presidential/parliamentary democracy
Head of State: President Stipe Mesic
Head of Government: Prime Minister Ivica Racan
GDP: US$43.12 billion
GDP per capita: US$9,800
Annual Growth: 3.7%
Inflation: 6.2%
Major Industries: Steel, cement, chemicals, fertilisers, textiles
Major Trading Partners: EU(esp. Germany, Italy), Slovenia
Member of EU: no

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