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Cancun - Getting there & away, getting around

Cancun - Getting there & away

Cancún International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún) is 8km (5mi) south of the city center, two hours by air from Mexico City and just one hour from Miami. The airport serves a busy traffic load of regional and international flights. Many flights to and from Cancún also stop at Cozumel. A departure tax is levied on international travelers departing Mexico by air.

Getting around Cancun

There are mini vans and deluxe cars that can take you from the airport into Cancún. Regular taxis run into town or the Zona Hotelera but are subject to expensive regulated airport fares. If you follow the access road out of the airport and post the traffic-monitoring booth you can often flag down a taxi leaving the airport empty that will take you for much less because the driver is no longer subject to the airport fares. There are rental car agencies at the airport and in town, and you're best off getting one for any excursion into the Yucatán. Drive on the right.

Cancún's public bus system is very dependable and a great way to get between Ciudad Cancún and the beaches of Isla Cancún. Playa Express runs shuttle buses to destinations within the Yucatán, including Chichén Itzá and Tulum.

Puerto Juárez, the port for passenger ferries to Isla Mujeres, is about 4km (2mi) north of Cancún's city center. Express boats leave every 30 minutes during the day for the 25-minutes journey to Isla Mujeres. Slower open boats, which are less expensive, leave every hour during the day and take 45 minutes to make the trip.

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