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Further reading on Cairo

  • Baghdad Without a Map is the true story of a novice freelance journalist chasing stories around the Middle East. The author, Tony Horowitz, was based in Cairo and his descriptions of the city are memorable, entertaining and ring true.
  • Cairo: The City Victorious by Max Rodenback is the set text on Cairo's history. It is an entertaining and well-researched anecdotal meander through 5000 years of urban history.
  • Baby Love by Louis Young is a smart, hip novel that shimmies between West London and Luxor, as a belly dancer, now single mother, skirts romance and violence.
  • Cairo during WWII serves as the setting for the trials and traumas of a dislikable bunch of expats, in The Levant Trilogy, by Olivia Manning. It was filmed by the BBC as Fortunes of War, starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.
  • Oleander, Jacaranda by Penelope Lively is an autobiographical account of a Cairo upbringing offering potent glimpses of British colonial Egypt by a bestselling novelist.

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