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Bologna - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Bologna

Well-endowed statue in the Fontana del Nettuno, sculpted in 1566

When to Go to Bologna

Winter in Northern Italy can be can very cold, especially in January, and summers very hot, especially in July and August. By August so many businesses in Bologna are closed it seems the whole city has gone to the beach. The best time to travel is probably in spring. The weather is warm though rarely too hot, and Bologna - while never overwhelmed by tourists - will have even shorter queues.

Bologna Events

Bologna is one of the great cultural centres of Europe, with religious, art, music and film festivals throughout the year. The Cinema dei Paesi Arabi film festival is held once every two years (even-numbered years) in January. Carneval, from February to March, is a time of parades, costumes, feasting and general high jinks before things sober up for Lent. After Lent it's time for some music, the Bologna Festival of classical music is held at different venues around the city in May and June, and the Sintonia d'Assoli festival of jazz and contemporary music is held from May to July. The Bologna Sogna Open Festival of film, theatre and music runs from June to August, and the Made in Bo outdoor pop festival takes place under the summer sun in July. The Santo dal Mondo ethnic music festival takes place in November, and then everybody's cooking mountains of food for Christmas.

Bologna is also something of a European conference and trade fair capital, with numerous trade, industrial and professional conventions held all year round; one of the biggest is the international Children's Book Fair in March.

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