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Bologna - Activities

Bologna Activities

Histrical buildings surround Piazza Maggiore

Once named an official 'European City of Culture', Bologna always offers remarkable amounts of cinema, theatre, opera and classical music. The public film library promotes the revival of old movies, and organises screenings and festivals of old restored films. Some screenings are part of Bologna's summer festival and are held in open-air venues in Piazza Maggiore near the Palazzo Comunale. Later in the evening, the students, the gay community and a few lucky tourists keep Bologna's bars and nightclubs hot-hot-hot.

Most people who visit Bologna spend a lot of time looking at the city's superb churches, museums and galleries. But the city is also famous for it's dining. Bologna's many restaurants, cafes and food stores offer excellent locally made delicacies and drinks: hand-made pasta in all kinds of sauces, delicious Mortadella (Bologna sausage), cheese, cakes, pastries, local wines like the Lambrusco red and the region's full, dry Sauvignon, and for desert, gelato, or, even better, gelato sandwiches. After you eat you can do some shopping; the main shopping streets are Via Ugo Bassi, Via Rizzoli, Via Marconi, Via dell'Indipendenza, Via Massimo d'Azeglio, Via Farini and Via San Felice. But don't come on Thursday - almost all shops shut for the afternoon.

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