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Belfast - Map

Map of Belfast

Area: 115 sq km
Population: 279,240
Country: Northern Ireland
Time Zone: GMT/UTC (GMT/UTC)
Telephone Area Code: The area code for the whole of Northern Ireland is 028, so domestic callers need only call the eight digit local number. To call anywhere in Britain, dial the area code followed by the local number. To place an international call (and to call the Republic of Ireland), dial 00 followed by the country code, then the area code (dropping any leading '0').To call Northern Ireland from the Republic use the area code 048 followed by the local number.For directory assistance (Northern Ireland and the Republic) call 11811. For Britain and all other international destinations dial 11818.Other important telephone prefixes include:
tel 0800 - free to caller
tel 0845 - local call rate
tel 0870 - national call rate
tel 0900 - premium rate (60p/min)
tel 0901 - premium rate (60p/min)
The area code for Belfast is 44-28
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