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Balearic Islands - Further reading

Further reading on Balearic Islands

  • 'A Mediterranean Emporium : The Catalan Kingdom of Majorca ', by David Abulafia, is a comprehensive going-over of the change in trade status, from the birth of the the Catalan conquest to the death of nearly everyone during the Bubonic Plague.
  • Looking for the definitive guide to partying in Ibiza? Then try Ministry of Sound's 'Misguided'. It delivers a budget-to-blowout best of the planet's party capital.
  • 'Winter in Majorca' is George Sand's autobiographical account of the winter she spent in a remote area of Majorca with Frederic Chopin and her children. It later became the basis for the movie Impromptu, one of the few films that required English luvvie, Hugh Grant, to look tortured and consumptive.

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