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Balearic Islands - Activities

Balearic Islands Activities

A diver in an underwater cave in the Mediterranean, off Menorca

Well, sure, nightclubbing, drinking and doing the horizontal hulu are all their own special way...but if you're thinking outdoors and legal, it's best to start off with water-based activities. Needless to say, with this much coastline anything that involves water - from sailing to using it to dilute diluting Scotch - is the way to go. Fishing is popular as is sailing and yachting with mooring fees at most of the yacht clubs being reasonabley priced. Facilities for other watersports, including water-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and diving, are also available.

The Sport of Lawyers - golf - is available on dry land, as is tennis, but with the near-pefect weather and oodles of beautiful island scenery, hiking and cycling are never out of the picture.

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