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Atlanta - Introduction

Introduction to Atlanta

Inescapable - the World of Coca-Cola, Downtown Atlanta

For many, Atlanta is just the bonfire background to one of cinema's most famous clinches, but the city's profile is rising. Long known as the 'Capital of the New South', Atlanta has benefited in recent years from a booming economy, the 1996 Olympics and a baseball dynasty.

Area: 130 sq km
Population: 425,000
Country: USA
Time Zone: GMT/UTC -5 (Eastern Time)
Telephone Area Code: All phone numbers within the US consist of a three-digit code followed by a seven-digit local number. If you call locally, just dial the seven-digit number. If you are calling outside your area code dial 1 + the three-digit area code + the seven-digit. Telephone area codes: 229,404, & 770.

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