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Anguilla - Getting there & away, getting around

Anguilla - Getting there & away

Travelers from the USA have the best access to Anguilla; those coming from elsewhere will probably have to transfer in a US city unless they utilize Air France or British Airways services to nearby Caribbean islands. Although there are no direct international flights to Anguilla, it's possible to make same-day international connections via San Juan in Puerto Rico, or St Martin. Several air carriers have daily inter-island flights between Anguilla and St Martin, St Thomas, St Kitts and Antigua. Anguilla is also accessible by a 20-minute ferry ride between Marigot Bay in St Martin and Blowing Point in Anguilla. If you're yachting, the main port of entry is at Sandy Ground in Road Bay. There's an airport departure tax of US$10 and a ferry departure tax of US$2.

Getting around Anguilla

Anguilla is small, but there's no bus service on the island, making it difficult to get around without renting a vehicle. There are car rental companies near the airport. In Anguilla, you drive on the left, though virtually all rental cars have left-hand drive, which can be disorienting. Visitors intending to drive need to buy an inexpensive temporary Anguillian driver's license, which is issued on the spot by car rental companies. The roads are generally well maintained and relatively wide by Caribbean standards. Be cautious of stray goats that occasionally bolt onto the road. Most roads on Anguilla are not marked with names or numbers, although hotel and restaurant signs point the way to many beaches. Watch out for the occasional renegade restaurant sign that appears to point to someplace nearby but is actually an attempt to reroute you halfway across the island.

Anguilla's Wallblake Airport, on the southern fringe of the Valley, is small and modern. Taxis are readily available at the airport, but if you're travelling light you can easily negotiate the short walk into town. Some taxi drivers will take you on a guided tour of the island for a flat fee. Bicycles and scooters can be rented in The Valley.

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