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Amsterdam - Further reading

Further reading on Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam - a Brief Life of the City by Geert Mak: A highly recommended book full of insights and potted dramas.
  • Culture Shock! Netherlands by Hunt Janin: A very readable, realistic and genuinley humorous appraisal of Dutch customs, attitudes and idiosyncracies.
  • Amsterdam, A Short History by Dr Richter Roegholt: A good, concise summary but few insights.
  • Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank: A young Jewish girl's poignant account of a life in hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.
  • Dutch Painting by RH Fuchs: A good introduction to the city's art work.
  • Building Amsterdam by Herman Janse: A fascinating account, with clear pictures, of Amsterdam's evolution from a swamp to a metropolis.

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