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Further reading on Adelaide

  • Survival in Our Own Land, edited by Christobel Mattingley & Ken Hampton, has present-day and historical accounts by South Australia Aboriginals of the land rights struggle.
  • Flinders Ranges Dreaming by Dorothy Tunbridge is a collection of 50 Dreamtime stories from the Adnyamathanha people of the northern Flinders Ranges. It has many maps and beautiful photos.
  • A History of SA - From Colonial Days to the Present by RM Gibbs is a concise overview of the state's history.
  • Take a look at the social life of colonial Adelaide through the eyes of a perky young lady in Maisie: Her Life, Her Loves, Her Letters 1898-1902, edited by Joan Willington.
  • Clara Morison, by Catherine Helen Spence, tells the story of a Scottish woman who arrives in Adelaide in the 1850s to find herself in 'reduced circumstances'. The book, first published 140 years ago, is considered an Australian classic.
  • Much more modern is Ben Winch's 90s 'rites of passage' novel, set in Adelaide, My Boyfriend's Father.
  • When you've seen what comes out of the taps in Adelaide, you'll understand the relevance of Bringing the Water, an anthology of works on the theme of clean water.

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