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Facts for the traveller for Adelaide

The American alligator <i>(Alligator mississippiensis),</i> at the Adelaide Zoo

When to Go to Adelaide

Adelaide can be pretty damn hot in summer (December to February), and if you don't have access to a pool or airconditioner you'll find it unpleasant. If you're a festival buff, though, you really shouldn't miss the three-week Adelaide Festival of the Arts, held in late February or early March. Spring and Autumn are probably the most pleasant times, with winter (June to August) getting a bit cold and soggy.

Adelaide Events

The Adelaide Arts Festival takes place at the beginning of March in even-numbered years. The festival attracts culture vultures from all over Australia to see live drama, dance and music. It also includes a writers' week, art exhibitions and poetry readings. Guest speakers and performers from all over the world attend. The Fringe Festival, which takes place at the same time, features alternative contemporary music and performance art. Womadelaide is an outdoor festival of world music and dance which takes place every February in odd-numbered years.

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