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Adelaide - Getting there & away, getting around

Adelaide - Getting there & away

International flights arrive in Adelaide from all over the world, many of them flying directly to the city. Australia's two airlines fly into Adelaide from every other capital city, although you may have to make a stopover if you're coming from Brisbane or Sydney - Adelaide is a long way from Australia's other capitals, so flying is often the best option.

Bus travel is cheaper than flying, but be prepared for a long haul. Services run to all major cities - you can go with one of the major lines and do the quick-but-dull trip, or take a smaller bus and meander around a bit. Buses also run to Alice Springs and to regional centres in South Australia. Interstate trains run from Adelaide to Alice Springs, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Getting around Adelaide

An airport bus runs from the airport to city hotels and hostels - the bus also calls in at the interstate train station. Adelaide has an integrated local transport system that includes metropolitan buses and trains, as well as the tram which operates between the city centre and Glenelg, and the O-Bahn busway which runs on concrete tracks between the city centre and the Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre. The airport is 8km (5mi) west of the city and is serviced by an airport bus. Adelaide is a relatively cyclist-friendly city, with good cycling tracks and bicycle lanes on many city streets.

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