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New Caledonia

A romantic setting for a tropical holiday, Muli (Mouly) Beach, Muli, Ouvea Atoll, Loyalty Islands

Options for travellers in New Caledonia are vast, from diving in pristine reefs to dining out à la français, from trekking in unspoilt rainforest to partying the night away at Club Med. With a nod to local custom and an open mind, a trip to New Caledonia will be unforgettable.

Clans and café au laît, blackbirding and barrier reefs, Melanesian massacres and menus du jour - New Caledonia well exemplifies the expression that one person's bread is another's pain. France has its toes in hard, and has sent in the marines more than once to keep the colonials down on the farm.

The people of New Caledonia - the Caldoches, Métros and Kanaks - staggered out of the troubles when New Caledonia was contender for the 'basket case of the Pacific' prize. They are now barrelling down the future with, if not optimism, at least one eye on putting an end to the senseless rounds of violence of the 1980s.

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