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Nauru offers little to the traveller, but that is likely to change once the phosphate bubble bursts in a few years. A colourful reef dotted with sunken WWII wrecks surrounds the island, the waters make great diving and the sport fishing is incomparable.

The island is the poor little rich kid of the Pacific, wealthy yet sadly abused. Island culture has been assaulted by the weight of imported customs, junk food, fridges, televisions and electric cookers, but it does survive in a modified form.

Seemingly limitless mining proceeds have made Nauruans the richest people in the Pacific, but at various stages in their history people, culture, forest, soil and then subsoil have been stripped or shipped away at the whim of foreign powers. Exploitation has become an art form. The bird poop that was the island has been an economic boon to islanders, but Nauru's interior could now only be described as an 'ecological basket case'.

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