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Puente de las Americas, near the entrance to the Panama Canal

While Panama is known mostly for its famous canal, the country's natural attractions offer an irresistible lure to far-sighted travellers. This overlooked country offers some of the finest birding, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing in the Americas.

It is a proud nation that offers astounding wildlife adventures, that respects its seven indigenous peoples and that celebrates its Spanish heritage with frequent and colourful festivals. There's an inescapable feeling that you're in on a secret the rest of the traveling world has yet to discover.

The country's indigenous name means 'abundance of fish'. Rafters can ride 20 sets of rapids in a single day, wildlife abounds in the scarcely-visited national parks, and a person can snorkel in the Caribbean Sea and swim in the Pacific Ocean...on the same day! It's no wonder the locals boast that Panama has much more to offer than nearby, traveller-soaked Costa Rica.

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