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Fort Lauderdale

America's Venice from the air

Despite its reputation as a party town (which it decidedly is), Fort Lauderdale has a surprising number of cultural and historical sites... for a party town. In recent years, the Spring Break capital of the universe has smartened up its image, but only just a little.

As recently as the late 1980s, the sand in Fort Lauderdale was sticky with beer and the streets ran wild with pimpled youths storming about each spring in celebration of the famous American university rite of passage. Locals would look on in horror as their city was overtaken by yahoos.

The citizens finally decided to do something about it. They renovated, groomed and trimmed the whole place, turning Fort Lauderdale into more of an international yachting centre than an intercollegiate multi-kegger.

That's not to say that it's not a party town - it decidedly is. These days, you can carouse at dozens of clubs, pubs and beach nightspots, as long as you dress respectably (meaning in clothes of some sort) and behave yourself. And for those visitors who insist on getting out in the daylight, Fort Lauderdale has a surprising number of cultural and historical sites ... for a beach town.

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