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Detroit - Tourist & Travel Guide

Detroit is best visited in fall or spring, when the Detroit River is a recreation option and Michigan's foliage is at its most vibrant. During these seasons, the city's museums and sights are less crowded than in summer. Detroit is freezing cold in winter and unbearably humid in summer, with the height of discomfort hitting in July.


Saint Vincent And The Grenadines - Tourist & Travel Guide

The temperature on balmy St Vincent hardly changes. The average daily high varies about 1°F from January to July. Rainfall is a different matter. July is the wettest month, when there's measurable rainfall an average of 26 days, while April, the driest month, averages six days of rain. January to May are the driest months and thus the best time to go, but they're also the peak tourist season. Generally, the Grenadines tend to be drier than St Vincent.


Ho Chi Minh - Tourist & Travel Guide

Being only 10.5° above the equator and between 5 and 10m (16-35ft) above sea level, Ho Chi Minh City is almost a template for tropical weather. Temperatures rarely vary from about 30°C (86°F), however the seven or eight month wet season can certainly make things wet, sweaty and generally uncomfortable. Heavy downpours can last for days on end, although the city is largely spared the devastation of typhoons that hit the northern areas on the country. The driest time is between December and April, when the humidity is mercifully down below 60%.


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