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Milan - Tourist & Travel Guide

Though Italy has a predominantly Mediterranean climate, Milan's winters (December - February) qualify as brisk, with lows below freezing. The mountains shield the city from the worst of the Northern European winter, however.

Summer (May-Sept) can be hot and muggy. In August, most of the city heads to the beaches to escape the 30°C-plus (86°F-plus) heat; you'd do well to follow suit.


Kenya - Tourist & Travel Guide

The main tourist season is in January and February, since the hot, dry weather at this time of year is generally considered to be the most pleasant. It's also when Kenya's birdlife flocks to the Rift Valley lakes in the greatest numbers. June to September could be called the 'shoulder season' as the weather is still dry. The rains hit from March to May (and to a lesser extent from October to December). During these months things are much quieter - places tend to have rooms available and prices drop. The rains generally don't affect travellers' ability to get around.


Antarctica - Tourist & Travel Guide

Tourists cannot visit Antarctica during the winter; pack ice extends 1000km (620mi) around the continent making ship access impossible and the darkness (almost 24 hours a day) does not lift until summer time. Add to this the midwinter 'chill' - temperatures can be -80 or 90° Celsius - and you begin to realise that summer might be slightly more pleasant anyway.

October and November are early summer when the pack ice is breaking up and the birds, especially penguins, are courting and mating. December and January are the height of the austral summer and bring with them warmer weather, up to 20 hours of daylight each day and the bulk of the region's tourists. This is also the time when the penguins are hatching eggs and feeding chicks. In the late summer months of February and March there are terrific whale-watching opportunities and the adult penguins are ashore moulting. Remember also that some vessels visit Antarctica 10 or more times in a single season and the staff members and lecturers on these ships can become jaded and burnt out well before the end of the summer.


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