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Tanzania - Tourist & Travel Guide

The standard tourist season is in January and February, when the hot, dry weather at this time of year is generally considered to be the most pleasant. But to catch the Serengeti at its best you want to avoid the dry season when virtually all the animals go on holiday to Kenya. Be prepared if you're heading into the big wet, as many roads - particularly on the south coast - can become too squishy to drive on. One of the best times to go is late-June to October, when the rains have finished and the air is coolest.


Bologna - Tourist & Travel Guide

Winter in Northern Italy can be can very cold, especially in January, and summers very hot, especially in July and August. By August so many businesses in Bologna are closed it seems the whole city has gone to the beach. The best time to travel is probably in spring. The weather is warm though rarely too hot, and Bologna - while never overwhelmed by tourists - will have even shorter queues.


Glasgow - Tourist & Travel Guide

'Varied' is a vague but accurate way to describe the many moods of Scotland's cool temperate climate. The weather changes quickly - a rainy day is often followed by a sunny one. There are also wide variations over small distances; while one glen broods under a cloud, the next may be basking in sunshine. As some locals are wont to say, 'If you don't like the weather just wait five minutes.' May and June are generally the driest months, but expect rain at any time. Storms are rare April to August.


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