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Nice - Tourist & Travel Guide

Don't come to Nice in July or August if you dislike strong heat, crowds of holidaymakers and serious traffic jams. May and June are the most pleasant months, followed by September and October. Partygoers will enjoy the carnival in February.

With over 2500 hours of sunshine every year, Nice boasts an exceptionally mild climate. The average daily temperature hovers around 15°C/59°F, soaring up to 40°C/104°F in July-August and rarely dipping below 5°C/41°F in winter (November-February). In summer the water temperature is a languid 20-25°C (68-77°F).


Canary Islands - Tourist & Travel Guide

Go whenever - the weather is great year-round. December to February are the islands' busiest months, bringing the thickest crowds and higher prices. Being winter, the weather is also slightly cooler. The best value on airfares is offered from November to mid-December and even better, March to May (with the exception of the Easter rush).


Portland - Tourist & Travel Guide

Contrary to the city's rain-soaked image, average precipitation in Portland is only around 35in (890mm) a year, less than Atlanta or Houston. The summer months (June through August) mark the driest period, averaging about an inch (25mm) of rain per month, while November through January average some 6in (150mm) each month - hardly the deluge the rumors lead us to expect. Winter low temperatures hover around 35°F (2°C), and summer highs seldom surpass 85°F (30°C), so really anytime of fine as far as the weather's concerned. The prime tourist seasons seem to be whenever the city's at its driest.

Portland's festivals seem to stack up, one atop the other, during the summertime, although one of the big draws for young hipsters, the North by Northwest (NXNW) music fest, doesn't come around until fall.


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