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East Timor - Tourist & Travel Guide

When should you go? The current answer is when East Timor is back on its feet. When that is the case, the best time to visit is just after the wet season, around late April to June/July, when the countryside is green. The hottest months are October and November. Travel is certainly possible but difficult during the December-April wet season, when many roads are washed away.


Antwerp - Tourist & Travel Guide

To improve the probability of decent weather, visit Antwerp between May and September. There's an obvious trade-off in that this is the period when most other tourists will arrive and try to snatch the best accommodation from under your Euro-stacked billfold, but due to Antwerp's surprisingly low profile, you won't encounter as many visitors here as typically pound the streets elsewhere in Belgium in places like Brussels or Bruges.

November to March sees the crappiest weather descend on the city and soak it to its concrete marrow, while May to August is when the grey skies and precipitation are occasionally leavened by some of that blue stuff overhead and a bit of sunshine. The average daily minimum temperature in Antwerp over its fairly mild winter season is 3°C (32°F) and the maximum is 6°C (43°F); summer temperatures can sneak up to a luke-high 25°C (77°F), though July and August can also be the wettest months.


Bologna - Tourist & Travel Guide

Winter in Northern Italy can be can very cold, especially in January, and summers very hot, especially in July and August. By August so many businesses in Bologna are closed it seems the whole city has gone to the beach. The best time to travel is probably in spring. The weather is warm though rarely too hot, and Bologna - while never overwhelmed by tourists - will have even shorter queues.


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