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Moldova - Tourist & Travel Guide

Moldova has very few culturally specific festivals or calendar highlights, and usually a trip there is combined with a trip to neighbouring Romania. It's worth taking this into consideration when deciding when to go, but as a general rule the best time to visit is September or October. May through to August can also be pleasant, although you run the risk of a snow flurry or two and low temperatures early in the season.


Brazil - Tourist & Travel Guide

Most of Brazil can be visited comfortably throughout the year, it's only the south - which can be unbearably sticky in summer (December-February) and non-stop rainy in winter (June-August) - that has large seasonal changes. The rest of the country experiences brief tropical rains throughout the year, which rarely affect travel plans.

During summer (December-February) many Brazilians are on vacation, making travel difficult and expensive, and from Rio to the south the humidity can be oppressive. Summer is also the most festive time of year, as Brazilians escape their apartments and take to the beaches and streets. School holidays begin in mid-December and go through to Carnaval, usually held in late February.


Cape Verde - Tourist & Travel Guide

The best time to visit Cape Verde is from August to October, when the weather is pleasantly warm, though the winds are pretty stiff year round, so bring a windcheater. The rest of the year is much cooler.


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