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Nicaragua - Tourist & Travel Guide

Nicaragua has two distinct seasons, the timing of which varies from coast to coast. The most pleasant time to visit the Pacific or central regions is early in the dry season (December and January), when temperatures are cooler and the foliage is still lush. With the possible exception of the last month of the dry season (usually mid-April to mid-May) when the land is parched and the air full of dust, there really is no bad time to visit.

Nicaraguans spend Semana Santa (Holy Week) at the beach; all available rooms will be sold out weeks or even months in advance.


Benin - Tourist & Travel Guide

Benin has two climates. The south has a tropical climate with little range in maximum temperatures, which average 28°C (82°F). The dry season is from December to April. In the north, abutting the Sahel, the humidity is much lower, but the temperatures can be much hotter. For the best of both worlds, December to March is probably the most comfortable window of opportunity. The main celebration day, National Day falls on 1 August, and is a good time to be in Cotonou, the biggest city, or the capital Porto Novo.


Liberia - Tourist & Travel Guide


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