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Guam - Tourist & Travel Guide

Go to Guam whenever the boss gives you time off. The temperature hovers around a balmy 81°F (27°C) all year, so don't worry about the weather. If it's a little more humid between July and November, at least you're never far from a cooling dip in the ocean. The only time you should really avoid Guam is during Japanese holiday seasons: Christmas, Golden Week (the last week of April and the first week of May), and Obon, in August.


Brisbane - Tourist & Travel Guide

While Brisbane doesn't suffer the stifling humidity you'll find further north, it's still most pleasant in winter (June to August) - the days are warm and sunny, the nights cool and it's a delightful contrast to the chilly miserableness further south. However, winter is also the time everyone from Sydney and Melbourne heads north to escape that chilly miserableness, so expect a crowd. Easter and Christmas are also pretty hectic. If you prefer a bit of peace and quiet, try May or October, when the humidity's still OK but the crowds have diminished.


Czech Republic - Tourist & Travel Guide

May, June and September are the prime visiting months, with April and October as chillier and sometimes cheaper alternatives. In July and August hostels are chock-a-block with students, especially in Prague. Outside of Prague and other major regional centres, from October until April, most castles and museums close down.


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