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Canberra - Tourist & Travel Guide

Autumn (March to May) in Canberra is quite simply gorgeous. The days are sunny and crisp, the trees are changing and everything looks lovely. Winter (June to August) is cold; really, really cold. There are mornings when it feels like breathing in will crack your lungs, but the sky is usually blue and the weather is sunny. Spring (September to November) is much wetter and windier, though the very popular Floriade festival brightens things up. Summer (December to February) can be just a bit too hot.


Dallas - Tourist & Travel Guide

Dallas' summers are hot and its winters cool, making spring and fall months the best times to visit. Spring and fall are also the peaks of the festival season in Dallas and neighboring towns, offering hearty Texas helpings of art, barbecue, music, rodeo and tall tales.


San Antonio - Tourist & Travel Guide

San Antonio has a semitropical climate that's rarely far from agreeable. Mid-summer through September is the rainiest, most humid period, but even the August heat spells aren't half as bad as you might think. As far as weather's concerned, fall and spring are the optimum times to visit. Winter temperatures usually drop no lower than 40°F (5°C), and the hottest summer's day seldom tops 95°F (35°C), a lot cooler than the deserts of nearby New Mexico.


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