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New Orleans - Tourist & Travel Guide

New Orleans' climate is influenced by its subtropical latitude and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. It's hot, wet and sticky for most of the year - other times it's just wet. February through April is the best time to visit, when an easygoing climate coincides with the city's two most spectacular events, Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. May sees the heat begin to intensify, and June marks the official beginning of hurricane season, which lasts through September. The oppressive heat and humidity of the summer months are a misery, driving many residents to the 'redneck Riviera' of gulf coast Mississippi.

If you're visiting in summer, prepare for the 'oven' effect of going from chilly air-conditioned interiors to overwhelmingly tropical 95°F (35°C) streets. September and October tend to be much more agreeable. Christmas is an off-peak period with discounted accommodations, although the winter temperatures during the large New Year's Eve celebration and the Sugar Bowl football game can be chilly.


Manila - Tourist & Travel Guide

With maximum temperatures hovering above 30°C (86°F), Manila isn't the place to go to cool off. There are two seasons: the dry season lasts from December to May; the rest of the year is sodden with heavy rain. From June to November you might find yourself in a typhoon. The best time to visit Manila and surrounds is February to April.


Martinique - Tourist & Travel Guide

Martinique is warm year-round, with temperatures usually peaking close to 30°C (around 85°F) during the day. Humidity is highest in September and lowest in April. The best time to go to Martinique is the slightly cooler, drier season of late winter to early spring (February to May). Note that this is also the peak tourist season and prices will be highest and attractions and lodgings most crowded.


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