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Comoros And Mayotte - Tourist & Travel Guide

The wet season between November and April is not a particularly healthy time to visit Comoros. If you don't die from dehydration or sheer frustration at the oppressively humid conditions, you might find yourself caught in a monsoonal wind (kashkazi), or cyclone. The best time to visit is in the cooler months between May and October. This also avoids Ramadan at the end of January/beginning of February, when the collective Comoran temper can suffer from the double whammy of continual fasting and oppressive heat.


Burkina Faso - Tourist & Travel Guide

As with most of West Africa, the best time to go is weather related. November to February are the cooler months of the year, although the dusty Harmattan winds might temper your enthusiasm between the months of December and February. If you're going in an odd-numbered year, the film festival starts in late February, and if in an even year, the cultural festival begins early April.


Kyrgyzstan - Tourist & Travel Guide

At lower elevations, spring and autumn are probably the best seasons to visit weather-wise - in particular April to early June and September through October. In spring, the desert blooms briefly, while autumn is harvest time when the markets fill with fresh produce.

Summer is ferociously hot in the lowlands, but July and August are the best months to visit the mountains. Cold rains begin in November and snow soon closes mountain passes. The ski season at the Upper Ala-Archa Mountain Ski Base lasts from December to April. Note that winters are bitterly cold, even in the desert, and finding food can be a problem since lots of eateries close for the season. Many domestic flights are also grounded in winter.


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