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Azerbaijan - Tourist & Travel Guide

The best time to visit Azerbaijan is between April and October. It's warm and dry in much of the country, though in July and August it can be scorching (up to 38°C/100°F). It's much cooler and wetter in the winter, though it rains in the foothills from spring through early fall. Bear in mind that Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, is not the most ideal time for non-Muslims to vist. It will start in December or November until 2002.


Afghanistan - Tourist & Travel Guide


Havana - Tourist & Travel Guide

There isn't a bad time to visit Havana. The hot, rainy season runs from May to October but winter (December to April) is the island's peak tourist season, when planeloads of Canadians and Europeans arrive in pursuit of the southern sun. Cubans take their holidays in July and August, so this is when the local beaches are most crowded. Christmas, Easter and the period around 26 July, when Cubans celebrate the anniversary of the revolution, are also very busy. New Year's Eve coincides with the anniversary of Castro's troops marching into the city, so make hotel reservations early and plan to dance all night.


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