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Florence - Tourist & Travel Guide

The best time to visit Florence is in the low season, from April to June and in September/October, when the weather is usually good, prices are lower and there are fewer tourists - if you come in July or August, expect a Renaissance Disneyland experience and plenty of sweat in your socks. Early winter, in December, can also be surprisingly pleasant, with crisp air and sunny days and far, far fewer people clogging up the piazzas.


Naples - Tourist & Travel Guide

The best time to visit is from April to June, when prices are lower and there's elbow room in Naples'lively streets and piazzas. Late July and August is the time to avoid Italy altogether - the weather boils, prices are inflated and the whole country swarms with holidaymakers. Most Italians go on holiday in August, abandoning the cities and leaving many shops, hotels and restaurants closed.


Copenhagen - Tourist & Travel Guide

Considering its northern latitude, Denmark has a fairly mild climate all year round. Still, the winter months - cold and with short daylight hours - are certainly the least hospitable. Correspondingly, many tourist destinations come alive in late April, when the weather begins to warm up and the daylight hours start to increase, and by October they again become sleepers.

May and June can be delightful months to visit: the earth is a rich green accented with fields of flowers, the weather is comfortable and you'll beat the rush of tourists. While autumn can be pleasant, it's not nearly as scenic because the rural landscape has largely turned to brown.

High tourist season is July and August. There are open-air concerts, lots of street activity and basking on the beach. Other bonuses for travellers during midsummer are longer hours at museums and other sightseeing attractions. The last half of August can be a particularly attractive time to travel, as it still has summer weather but far fewer crowds.


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